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The conference focuses on Modeling and Validation of Electrochemical Energy Devices. Contributing authors are encouraged to pay special attention to the validation of their modeling approaches. Innovative models of batteries and fuel cells are highly welcome.

The symposium will at least cover the following topics:

Modeling and Simulation

  • Atomistic theoretical chemistry
  • Particle scale modeling
  • Microstructure-resolved modeling
  • Volume-averaged cell modeling
  • Data-driven modeling


  • In situ chemical, electrochemical and microstructural characterization methods
  • Ex situ model experiments to retrieve relevant parameters
  • Imaging and spectroscopic techniques


David Howey

"Data-driven battery health diagnosis in real-world applications"                                                       

Momo Safari

"Formulation, design, and characterization of NMC porous electrodes: a model-assisted approach"

Tejs Vegge

"ML-accelerated simulations of solid-liquid interfaces in batteries and electrochemical cells"                 



Marc Secanell

"Transient, multi-scale, multi-phase analysis of polymer electrolyte fuel cells and electrolyzers"



Andrea Baricci

"Modelling voltage loss in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells after catalyst layer degradation"



Your Committees

The scientific committee
Birger Horstmann DLR, HIU
Thomas Jahnke DLR
Roswitha Zeis KIT, HIU
Hubert Gasteiger TUM
Andreas Jossen TUM
The local organizing committee
Britta Doppl DLR
Lukas Köbbing DLR
Yannick Kuhn DLR
Albert Pool DLR
Max Schammer DLR
Alejandro Somoza DLR